Cinnamon Ragdoll Cat: The Facts

Cinnamon Ragdoll Cats

By Jennie @ Ragdoll Cats World

March 10, 2022

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The Cinnamon Ragdoll cat is a non-traditional Ragdoll, sitting alongside Mink, Sepia and Solid Ragdoll Cats.

What does a Cinnamon Ragdoll Cat look like?

A cinnamon Ragdoll Cat is a reddish-brown color. They can have a light cream body with light brown points if they are a colorpoint or can be completely cinnamon in color if they are a solid type. Their eye color may be blue, aqua, green or gold.  A Fawn Ragdoll Cat is a dilute of cinnamon. Cinnamon Ragdolls can present in the traditional patterns of bicolor, mitted and colorpoint plus the non-traditional mink, sepia and solid types.

Cinnamon Colorpoint Ragdoll

Cinnamon Colorpoint Ragdoll Image Credit:


Cinnamon and white solid Ragdoll

Cinnamon and white solid Ragdoll – Image Credit:

Cinnamon Colorpoint with Blaze

Cinnamon Colorpoint with Blaze Image Credit:

Cinnamon Tabby Ragdoll

Cinnamon Tabby Ragdoll – Image Credit:

Fawn Ragdoll Cat

Fawn Ragdoll Cat – Image Credit:

What is the History of the Cinnamon Ragdoll Cat?

Dr. Maxine Stiles, a veterinarian and geneticist, of Dollnouveau Ragdolls,  and Sharon Steadman of Lattedolls, introduced the cinnamon gene into the Ragdoll breed in the early 2000s by outcrossing an Abyssinian cat. You can find out more about how the cinnamon ragdoll came about by visiting her website –

Pretty Litter
Cinnamon Mitted Ragdoll Cat

Cinnamon Mitted Mink Ragdoll Kitten. Image Credit:


Is a Cinnamon Ragdoll a purebred Ragdoll Cat?

Many cat associations do not accept the Cinnamon Ragdoll as a purebred Ragdoll Cat.

The breed standard across many cat associations, including the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), state that a traditional Ragdoll can only present in the colors blue, seal, lilac, chocolate, flame and cream and the patterns of mitted, colorpoint and bicolor with tortie or lynx variations.  It is also stated that a Ragdoll must have blue eyes to be classed as a purebred Ragdoll Cat.

Minks, sepias, and solids (along with cinnamon and black) are not registered as a purebred Ragdoll Cat with all cat associations and they are not currently accepted as championship breeds in North America. Many Ragdoll clubs do not allow breeders of this variation to join or advertise their non-blue eyed kittens.

The International Cat Association (TICA) is one cat association that will issue official papers to these exotic Ragdoll types stating that it is purebred, without any clauses or distinctions. However, these cats would be disqualified from a championship competition for not conforming to breed standard.


Cinnamon Mink Mitted Ragdoll

Cinnamon Mink Mitted Ragdoll. Image Credit

Cinnamon Lynx Mitted Point Ragdoll

Cinnamon Lynx Mitted Point Ragdoll Image Credit:


Does a Cinnamon Ragdoll have the same temperament as a Traditional Ragdoll Cat?

A Cinnamon Ragdoll shares the same physical and personality traits as Ragdolls are known for, such as their relaxed temperament, large size, and non-mating silky coat.

Cinnamon Mitted Ragdoll

Cinnamon Mitted Ragdoll.  Image

Where can I find a Cinnamon Ragdoll Cat?

You can find TICA registered breeders of Cinnamon Ragdoll Cats near you in our breeders directory.  Hiatavilla Instagram is a Ragdoll breeder of cinnamon Ragdolls located in Austraia. You can see more of their Ragdolls here –

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