Cream Point Ragdoll Cat

What is a Cream point Ragdoll Cat?


The Cream Point Ragdoll is a dilute of the Flame or Red Ragdoll.

The Cream Ragdoll’s points appear as a pale buff cream to a light pinkish cream. Its body color is clear white and any shading will present in the same color as the points. The nose leather and paw pads will be flesh to coral pink in color. 

The Cream Point Ragdoll appears in all traditional patterns.

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Cream Colorpoint Ragdoll 

Cream Point Ragdoll

Image Credit : tsukiandmatsu

Cream Bicolor Ragdoll

Cream Bicolor Ragdoll Cat

Image Credit: ragdoll_oliver_bk Instagram

Cream Mitted Ragdoll 

Cream Mitted Ragdoll

Image Credit : Herbi_Elza_Caddy Instagram


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