Why has my Ragdoll Cat’s Fur Turned Dark After Being Shaved?

Why has my Ragdoll Cats Fur Turned Dark After Being Shaved?

By Jennie @ Ragdoll Cats World

March 14, 2024

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Ragdoll cats are known for their long, fluffy fur. They usually have a thick and luxurious coat that is easy to groom. Sometimes, owners may choose to shave their cat to keep the coat from matting or if the fur is too matted to brush out. Shaving can be a great way of maintaining your cat’s fur; however it may cause the hair to change color which can be alarming to cat owners. Here is some more information on why your cat’s fur may have turned darker after being shaved!

There are certain breeds of cats, Ragdolls being one of them, whose fur will change color after being shaved. This is because the cat’s hair color is dependent on the temperature of the skin from which the follicle develops. Hence color point breeds tend to have dark points at their extremities (face, feet, end of tail) as those parts of the body are cooler, unless there are further genetic modifiers such as bicolour at play. As the skin will have been cool after being shaved when the hair grows back it is common to notice that it has a different color than it once did. Being aware of this, many vets may elect to perform surgical procedures, such as spaying, from the underbelly side where the darker fur will not be as noticeable.

Ragdolls Cats

Ragdoll Cat before being shaved.

Ragdoll Cat Darker After being shaved

Ragdoll Cat Darker After being shaved.
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Ragdoll kittens are born completely white because they have been kept in a constant warm environment in their mother’s womb.   The moment the kittens start to be exposed to the lower ambient temperature they start to color. And given that their extremities will tend to be colder, they will color the fastest. Some Ragdoll owners tend to find their Ragdoll’s fur will lighten in the summer months.

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The color change usually isn’t permanent but may take a year or two to clear and grow back at its normal colour with seasonal shedding.

Do Ragdolls need haircuts?

The answer is no. Many people believe that giving their Ragdoll cat a lion cut will help them keep cool during the hotter months, but that is a misconception. A cat’s fur is there to help regulate body temperature, and therefore removing the fur can actually cause them to overheat. A cat’s coat is designed to trap the hot or cold air and stop it from reaching the skin and making them hot or cold. A cat is also prone to sunburn without its fur to protect the skin.

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