Best Brushes for Ragdoll Cats (and one you should avoid)

Best Brushes for Ragdoll Cats

By Jennie @ Ragdoll Cats World

October 8, 2022

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Ragdoll cats are known for their beautiful, long coats. While they don’t require as much grooming as some other long-haired breeds, they still need to be brushed regularly to prevent mats and tangles. So what’s the best brush for a Ragdoll’s coat?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best brushes for Ragdoll cats. We’ll discuss what type of brush to use, how often to brush your cat, and other important tips.

There are a few different types of brushes that can be used on a Ragdoll’s coat, and each has its own advantages.


Slicker Brush

There are several different types of brushes that can be used on a Ragdoll’s coat, but the best brush is the slicker brush, and it’s my favorite type of brush that I like to use on my ragdolls.  A slicker brush has thin, wire bristles that are spaced close together. This type of brush is effective at removing loose hair and debris from the coat, and it also helps to loosen and remove mats and tangles.


Silicone Brush

There are many benefits to using a silicone massage brush on Ragdoll cats. For one, it can help to reduce shedding. Secondly, it can help to distribute the natural oils in their coat, which helps to keep their fur healthy and looking shiny. Third, it can provide your cat with a calming massage, which can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Finally, it’s simply a fun way to bond with your cat and give them some extra attention!

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Wide-Tooth Comb

Another good option is a wide-tooth comb. This can be used to detangle knots and mats, without pulling on the fur too much. Just be sure to use a comb that has smooth teeth, so it doesn’t scratch your cat’s skin.

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Grooming glove

The grooming glove is an easy and effective way to keep your Ragdoll cat’s fur looking its best. Plus, it’s a great way to bond with your feline friend!

Your Ragdoll cat will love being brushed with a grooming glove. This type of brush is able to reach all of the nooks and crannies that your cat’s regular brush might miss. The grooming glove is also great for massaging your cat’s fur and skin.

To use the grooming glove, simply put it on like a regular glove. The bristles will be on the palm side of the glove. Begin by gently petting your cat with the glove to get them used to it. Once they are comfortable, you can start brushing their fur in long, smooth strokes. Be sure to pay special attention to any areas that are particularly matted or tangled.

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Can You use a Furminator on a Ragdoll Cat?

While the Furminator may be one of the most popular pet brushes on the market, it is not the best choice for a Ragdoll cat. Here are a few reasons why:

1. The Furminator can be too harsh for a Ragdoll’s delicate coat. Their fur is much thinner and finer than other cats, so the Furminator can end up tearing their fur and causing pain.

2. The Furminator is designed to thin out a cat’s undercoat, which is something a Ragdoll cat does not have.  This can lead to over-brushing and damage to the topcoat.

2. It can remove too much fur, which can lead to problems with matting and tangling and can cause baldness.

There are many other brushes on the market that are specifically designed for use on Ragdoll cats and will not cause the same problems as the Furminator. If you are unsure which brush is right for your Ragdoll, consult with your veterinarian or a professional groomer.


How often to brush a Ragdoll cat?

Ragdoll cats are known for their beautiful, long fur. While this may be one of the reasons you chose this breed, it also means that you have to take special care when brushing your cat to avoid matting and tangles. How often you brush your Ragdoll will depend on the length of their fur and if they tend to get knots easily. For most Ragdolls, weekly brushing is sufficient. However, if your cat has longer fur or is prone to mats, you may need to brush them every few days.

To brush your Ragdoll properly, start by using a comb to work out any knots or tangles. Be careful not to pull too hard as Ragdolls have delicate skin. Once the knots are gone, you can use a soft bristle brush to give their fur a nice shine.


What else can you do to keep your Ragdoll cat’s coat healthy?

There are a few other things you can do to keep your Ragdoll cat’s coat healthy. First, make sure you are feeding them a high-quality diet. This will help their coat to be shiny and healthy. Second, give them plenty of exercise. This will help to distribute the natural oils in their coat and keep it looking its best. Finally, groom them regularly with the right brushes. This will help to remove any knots or tangles and keep their coat looking its best. Read our top tips on how you can maintain your Ragdoll Cat’s coat.


When it comes to Ragdoll cats, brushing is definitely one of the best things you can do for them. Not only does it help keep their fur clean and looking good, but it also helps remove any knots or tangles that might have formed. It’s also a great way to bond with your cat and give them some extra attention.

No matter which type of brush you use, make sure to be gentle with your Ragdoll cat. Their fur is delicate and they can easily get scared or upset if you brush too hard.

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Written by Jennie @ Ragdoll Cats World

I'm Jennie, the creator of Ragdoll Cats World. I have been owned and loved by Ragdoll Cats for almost twenty years after getting my first Ragdoll kittens, Huey and Choo-Choo back in 2003. They lived to the grand old age of 18 and 17 and they even made the move from London to Australia with me! We now have two Ragdoll cats, Violet and Ocean, and a Maine Coon cat named Eddie, and we love sharing our knowledge of all things related to Ragdoll Cats with you at Ragdoll Cats World!
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