Should You Take Your Ragdoll Cat to a Groomer?

Should i take my ragdoll to the groomer?

By Jennie @ Ragdoll Cats World

May 12, 2022

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Ragdoll cats are a special breed. They are known for their long, silky coats.  One question that often arises is whether or not you should take your ragdoll cat to a groomer?

Some cats may require professional grooming from time to time, but this is not required for all cats. Many can clean and groom themselves quite well. Cats have a special tongue that they use to keep their fur looking its best, as well as remove and digest loose hair. Sometimes the cats’ own efforts aren’t enough to keep tangles and mats at bay, especially in the spring when cats tend to shed quite a bit. This is especially true for long-haired cats, even if they’re regularly brushed by their owners. Taking your feline friend to a groomer can help untangle mats, and remove large quantities of loose hair while shampooing the cat to make it look and feel its best.

Should You Take Your Ragdoll Cat to a Groomer?


What is the purpose of Groomers?

Grooming is the process of caring for a pet by performing specific tasks that maintain their coat, hygiene and health. Grooming can be done at home with daily brushing and combing, or it may be done by a professional groomer who will perform more extensive care including removing mats and tangles, cleaning ears, and trimming nails.  Grooming services are not only for cats that compete in cat shows; many cat owners use groomers from time to time to get their cats bathed and their fur conditioned.

At the groomer, you can choose to have your cat’s fur trimmed or shaved completely except for their head and tail. This is known as a “Lion Cut.” Or you can go for an even more extreme haircut and have your cat’s fur styled to resemble a dragon or even a dinosaur!

If your cat is excessively scratching your furniture, other people or themselves you may wish to ask your groomer to apply Cat Nail Caps to your cat when they trim its claws.  Cat nail caps are small pieces of soft rubber that fit over the tips of your cats’ nails and serve as a barrier to prevent your cat from clawing furniture and other things. Nail caps are safe, painless and non-toxic and cats are still able to extend and retract their claws as normal.

How to apply Cat Nail Caps


What to look for in a Cat Groomer

When it comes to taking care of your ragdoll cat, it is important to find a groomer that specializes in grooming cats. Grooming a cat is very different from grooming a dog. Before taking your cat to a groomer, make sure you know about the groomer’s experience with cats. A groomer that is unfamiliar with cats can make the visit a disaster. A well-versed groomer will know what needs to be done and how your cat should be restrained in order to complete the job.

Should You Take Your Ragdoll Cat to a Groomer?


Should you take your Ragdoll Cat to a Groomer?

It all depends on your Ragdoll’s temperament and grooming needs. Cats can usually go their entire lives without ever needing to visit a groomer. Cats are usually clean creatures and do a good job of keeping themselves tidy on their own. However, some Ragdolls may get such matted fur, especially if they are elderly or sick, that the only option is to have them professionally groomed.

Most cats don’t enjoy getting groomed, and will often resist the process. After all, cats aren’t really sure what is happening when a groomer starts coming at them with water and soap, so it’s only natural that they would react with fear and sometimes even aggression.

When you bring your cat home from the groomers, it may hide out for a while. This might disappoint you because perhaps you want to show off your clean and groomed cat, but you need to be patient with your cat because going to the groomers can be a traumatic experience for them.

Should You Take Your Ragdoll Cat to a Groomer?

Grooming is an important part of taking care of your cat’s coat and hygiene. If you are unsure if you should take your ragdoll cat to a groomer, speak with one first.


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Written by Jennie @ Ragdoll Cats World

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