Bicolor Ragdoll Cat

What is a Bicolor Ragdoll Cat?

A Bicolor Ragdoll is one of the three traditional patterns of Ragdoll Cat, alongside the Colorpoint and Mitted varieties.

A Bicolor Ragdoll has an inverted and symmetrical V mask marking on its face. The color on a Bicolor Ragdoll is restricted to its ears, tail, mask and ‘saddle’ area. Its legs and feet are all white, along with its chin, chest and underside area. The Bicolor Ragdoll will usually have pink paw pads and nose leather.

A Bicolor Ragdoll can present in one of four varieties: The ‘True Bicolor’, the High Mitted, the Mid High White and the High White – which is also referred to as Van.

A True Bicolor has a solid colored saddle whereas the saddle of the Mid High White is broken up by the white coloring on the Ragdoll’s back.

The High Mitted Bicolor has a larger colored mask area on their face with a smaller inverted V than the True Bicolor. They also have coloring on their front legs although their paws will remain white.

Seal Bicolor Ragdoll

Both High Mitted and Mid High White Bicolor Ragdolls do not fit with the breed standard and therefore are not accepted into shows.

The High White, or Van, Bicolor has color restricted to its points – the ears, tail and mask. Its body, legs and feet are all pure white. The Van Bicolor Ragdoll is accepted by the Cat Fanciers Association as breed standard.

A Bicolor Ragdoll appears in all traditional colors and also the variants of Lynx and Tortie.


Seal Bicolor

Seal Bicolor Ragdoll


Blue Bicolor

Blue Bicolor Ragdoll

Image Credit: Bluebicoloreragdolls Instagram


Chocolate Bicolor

chocolate Bicolor Ragdoll


Lilac Bicolor

Lilac bicolor ragdoll cat

Image Credit: ragdollnana Instagram  


Flame/Red Bicolor

Flame Bicolor Ragdoll


Cream Bicolor

Cream Bicolor Ragdoll Cat

Image Credit: ragdoll_oliver_bk Instagram


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