Colorpoint Ragdoll Cat

What is a Colorpoint Ragdoll Cat?


A Ragdoll Cat with the colorpoint pattern will present with its points, the ears, face, paws and tail, with a well-defined color.

A colorpoint’s nose leather and paw pads will also be matching in color to its points.

The body will be lighter in color than the points with the chest, bib and chin area being even lighter.

If a Ragdoll Cat has white ‘gloves’ and ‘booties’ on its paws then it is a Mitted Ragdoll, not a colorpoint.

The Colorpoint Ragdoll appears in all traditional colors and also the Lynx and Tortie variations.


Seal Colorpoint Ragdoll Cat

Blue Colorpoint Ragdoll Cat

Blue point ragdoll cats 

Chocolate Colorpoint Ragdoll

Chocolate Color Point Ragdoll Cat

Lilac Colorpoint Ragdoll Cat

lilac ragdoll cat

Flame/Red Colorpoint Ragdoll Cat

Flame Point Ragdoll Kitten

Cream Colorpoint Ragdoll Cat

Cream Point Ragdoll

Image Credit : tsukiandmatsu

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