Blue Point Ragdoll Cats

The Blue Point Ragdoll Cat is one of the traditional colors of the Ragdoll breed, alongside the Seal Point. Although it goes by the name of blue, a blue point Ragdoll is actually a warm grey/taupe color that varies in intensity from cat to cat.

A Blue Ragdoll cat has a grey color on its ears, nose, legs and tail. Its body color can vary from light to dark grey depending on its genetics and other factors such as geographic location and diet.

Blue is one of the official Ragdoll purebred colors, alongside blue, lilac, chocolate, flame and cream, recognized by the main cat showing organizations; The International Cat Association (TICA) and the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA). Black, Mink, Sepia and solid ragdoll types are currently not accepted as official purebred ragdoll colors by the TICA.

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Blue Ragdoll Cat Patterns

A Ragdoll Cat with blue coloring appears in three patterns – bicolor, colorpoint, and mitted. Blue can also be found in the tortie and lynx variations.


Blue Color Point Ragdoll

Like Siamese Cats, the colorpoint Ragdoll has classic markings with no white anywhere on the body. A Blue Color Point’s extremities; the paws, tail, ears, nose and face, are a dark grey. The nose leather and paw pads will also present as a slate color. The body color will be anywhere between light to dark grey and a grey-ish white. As with all officially recognized purebred Ragdoll Cats, their eye color will be a gorgeous shade of blue.

blue Point Ragdoll Cat


Blue Mitted Ragdoll

A Blue mitted Ragdoll will present in the same way as the Blue Color point but their paws and chin have white ‘mitts’. They also have a white belly stripe that runs from their chin to their genitals.

blue mitted ragdoll

A Mitted Ragdoll can sometimes have a white spot on their face which make look like a star, blaze, or hourglass. Click here to see more images of Ragdoll Cats with Blaze markings.

Blue ragdoll cat with blaze


Blue Bicolor Ragdoll

The Bicolor Blue Ragdoll Cat has an inverted V mask marking on the face. Its paws will also be white with pink paw pads.

blue bicolor ragdoll cat


Blue Lynx

The handsome looking Blue lynx ragdoll has a grey face with tabby markings. A blue lynx mitted has a distinctive look with white eyeliner, a white moustache and pink nose.

Lynx Ragdoll Cat


Blue Tortie

Only female Ragdolls can be of the Tortie pattern. A Blue Tortie Ragdoll will have grey and cream tortoiseshell markings.

Tortie bicolor ragdoll kitten


What is the difference between the blue color and lilac color?

A Blue colorpoint ragdoll is much darker than the Lilac point. A lilac point has white fur on their body and their extremities are of a light grey/mushroom color as opposed to the darker grey color of the Blue Point.


Are Blue point Ragdoll kittens born white?

As with any Ragdoll kitten, a blue point ragdoll kitten is born entirely white. As they age, their grey coloring develops on their faces and extremities. The color is darkest as their very tips and lightens as it moves up their body. Their change in body color is less noticeable than that of the Seal Point as it remains more of a bluish white color than the ivory/fawn color that the Seal Point goes on to develop.


Do Blue Point Ragdolls get lighter with age?

A Ragdoll’s core body temperature can affect its color. A Blue Ragdoll Cat may darken from being a kitten through the adult years. When a cat reaches its senior years its internal body temperature drops, resulting in the darker fur becoming lighter in color. A blue point may develop more white fur on its face and extremities.

Blue point ragdoll cats

Huey with his brother Choo-Choo at age 5

Blue point Ragdoll Cat

Huey at 17 years with lighter markings.

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