Tuxedo Ragdoll Cat – Is There Such a Thing?

Ragdoll Tuxedo Cat

By Jennie @ Ragdoll Cats World

June 4, 2022

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As a cat breed, Ragdoll Cats are known for being docile and friendly cats that love to be around people. They are recognised for their stunning blue eyes, large size and long coat. But is there such a thing as a Tuxedo Ragdoll Cat? Let’s find out!


What is the Tuxedo Cat Pattern?

The tuxedo cat is a black and white coat pattern that is found in many different breeds of cats. This pattern is caused by the interaction of two genes, and can vary in intensity from a few small white patches to almost completely white fur. While the tuxedo pattern is most often seen in male cats, females can also be affected. The name for this pattern comes from the tuxedo-like black and white coat worn by many men for formal occasions.

Tuxedo Cat

Can Ragdolls Have The Tuxedo Pattern?

Technically yes, you can have a Tuxedo Ragdoll Cat BUT they are not recognized as a purebred Ragdoll by the various cat associations including The International Cat Association and the Cat Fanciers Association. This means that your breeder will not be able to give you any paperwork stating that they are a purebred Ragdoll cat and you won’t be able to enter them into any cat shows.


What are the Offical Ragdoll Cat Colors and Patterns?

The three officially recognized patterns of the Ragdoll are:

  • Bicolor – an inverted v mask marking on the face.
  • Colorpoint – the ears, paws, face and tail are all colored and the rest of the body fur a cream color.
  • Mitted – As with colorpoint but their paws and chin have white ‘mitts’. The mitted Ragdoll also has a belly stripe that runs from their chin to their genitals.

A lynx and tortie Ragdoll may appear in one of these official patterns.

Traditional Ragdoll Cats are officially recognized to come in several colors:

  • Seal – the extremities (nose, ears, tail and paws) are dark brown and their body a cream color with a shade of brown.
  • Blue – the extremities are dark grey and their body a cream color with a shade of gray.
  • Chocolate – the extremities are light brown and their body a creamy white color.
  • Lilac – the extremities are light blue and their body a creamy white color.
  • Flame – the extremities are a red/orange color and their body a creamy color with a shade of orange.
  • Cream – the extremities are ivory and their body

The Ragdoll breed standard states that to be classified as a purebred Ragdoll, a Ragdoll cat must have blue eyes.

How Do I Know If My Tuxedo Cat is a Ragdoll?

Tuxedo Ragdoll Cats are often sold by registered breeders that specialize in breeding non-traditional Ragdoll variants such as Mink, Solid and Sepia, which include none conforming colors of the breed standard. These types also include the cinnamon ragdoll and black ragdoll.

The Ragdoll cat breed was established by Ann Baker in California in the 1960s. Mink, Sepia, and Solid Color Ragdolls are not a new breed or color. They are, in fact, a bloodline that can be traced back to the original breeding cats. Breeders of Traditional Ragdoll Cats argue that when Ann Baker developed the breed she rejected the Mink and solid colour kittens in favour of pointed types that have become the Ragdoll Breed Standard.

These exotic variants of the Ragdoll breed do not conform to the breed standard and therefore cannot be recognized as a purebred Ragdoll.

If you have your heart set on a Tuxedo Ragdoll cat there is no good reason to be dissuaded from acquiring one from a reputable breeder if you are not concerned about showing your Ragdoll Cat. A Ragdoll Tuxedo Cat will still have the same physical and personality traits as the traditional Ragdoll.


Where Can I Find a Tuxedo Ragdoll Cat?

Apart from registered breeders of non-traditional Ragdoll kittens, you may find Tuxedo Ragdoll cats advertised online from a private seller or at a rescue shelter. These cats are likely to be a mixed breed and not fully Ragdoll. Because of this the temperament and health of the cat cannot be guaranteed.

Remember that the Ragdoll Tuxedo Cat is not rare, and technically it is not even considered to be a Ragdoll Cat. Therefore when purchasing a Tuxedo Ragdoll Cat you should expect to pay considerably less than you would if you were to purchase a traditional Ragdoll kitten that conforms to the breed standard.


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Written by Jennie @ Ragdoll Cats World

I'm Jennie, the creator of Ragdoll Cats World. I have been owned and loved by Ragdoll Cats for almost twenty years after getting my first Ragdoll kittens, Huey and Choo-Choo back in 2003. They lived to the grand old age of 18 and 17 and they even made the move from London to Australia with me! We now have two Ragdoll cats, Violet and Ocean, and a Maine Coon cat named Eddie, and we love sharing our knowledge of all things related to Ragdoll Cats with you at Ragdoll Cats World!

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