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By Jennie @ Ragdoll Cats World

March 13, 2022

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The Maine Coon Ragdoll mix is a cross between the Maine Coon and the Ragdoll cat. They are an exciting breed of cat and come in many different colors and patterns. If you’re looking for a friendly, social cat that is also gentle and affectionate, the Ragdoll Maine Coon mix might be a good option. Get to know a little more about the ‘Ragcoon’ with our guide.

What is a Maine Coon Cat?

Known as the gentle giant, the Maine Coon is a large, longhaired cat breed that is native to North America. They are one of the most popular cats in the world and are known for their intelligence, athleticism, playful nature and being the largest domestic cat breed!

The Maine Coon cat probably originated from cats that were brought over by sailors who sailed into New England and bred with the existing native cats. These cats are thought to have been in existence from around 1870.

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Maine Coon Cat

What is a Ragdoll Cat?

The Ragdoll breed of cat is known for its friendly, relaxed personality and large size. The defining trait of the Ragdoll Cat is the flop! When picked up and held, Ragdolls go completely limp and relax. Ragdolls are a relatively recent cat breed having originated in California, USA in the 1960s by breeder Ann Baker.

Lilac Ragdoll Cat

What is a Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix?

A Maine Coon Ragdoll mix is a cross between a Maine Coon cat and a Ragdoll cat, and can be referred to as a Ragcoon. The result is a lovable, playful feline that is perfect for families with kids. These cats are often very active and love to play, but they are also very gentle and docile.

What are the characteristics of a Ragdoll Maine Coon Mix?

Since this cat is a mixed breed, you can never be sure what kind of personality or characteristics the kitten will inherit. Both the Maine Coon and Ragdoll are similar breeds in terms of size and personality, so their kittens tend to inherit many of the same traits.

The appearance of a Maine Coon Ragdoll can mix can vary greatly, as although both cats are considered to be one of the largest breeds of domestic cats, their physical appearance is very different.

There are six Ragdoll cat colors – seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, flame and cream – and three patterns – bicolor, colorpoint and mitted, with variations of lynx and tortie. Maine Coons, on the other hand, come in a variety of patterns and colors. According to the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) there can be up to 75 color and pattern variations for the Maine Coon!

The Maine Coons eye color can range from green to gold and they can even have odd-color eyes, as opposed to traditional Ragdolls who can only have blue eyes.

The Ragdoll Cat has a shorter tail than the huge bushy tail of the Maine Coon, and their ears are smaller in comparison. The Maine Coon has very distinctive pointy ears that have tufts on the edges. Both cats are known for their long silky fur.

The Ragdoll Cat is a smaller and more delicate-looking cat than the Maine Coon. They typically have rounder heads with softer features, while the Maine Coon typically has a more rugged look.

As both the Ragdoll and Maine Coon are the largest domestic cat breeds, one thing you can be sure of with a Ragdoll Maine Coon mix is that it’s going to be a large cat.

Pretty Litter

How Much Does a Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix Cost?

A Maine Coon Ragdoll mix is not considered a purebred cat and will not come with any registration papers from the breeder. Therefore a kitten that is half Maine Coon half Ragdoll will be considerably cheaper than a purebred Ragdoll or Maine Coon kitten, which sell anywhere between $700-$2500. The price of a Maine Coon Ragdoll mix kitten may vary as there are very few breeders specializing in this mixed breed. In our research prices tend to range from $450-$700 for a Ragdoll Maine Coon mix.


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Where Can I Find a Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix?

Finding a Maine Coon Ragdoll mix or Ragcoon kitten can be difficult, as this mix is not often bred. You are more likely to find these cats through online ads from a private seller or rescue shelter than through a registered breeder. This unfortunately means that the quality and health of the kitten cannot be guaranteed.


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