Should I Get Two Ragdoll Cats?

Should I Get Two Ragdoll Cats?

By Jennie @ Ragdoll Cats World

June 1, 2021

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Ragdoll cats are one of the most docile and adorable breeds out there. They’re also one of the most popular, so you’ll have plenty of company if you do decide to adopt. The question is: Should you get two of them?

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when you’re considering the pros and cons of getting two ragdoll cats.

Why adopt two Ragdoll Cats?

The Ragdoll cat is a breed known for its sociability. These cats love to hang around and enjoy company, whether that be from humans or one of their own kind. A lot of research proves that a ragdoll cat will be healthier when he or she has another cat companion. Numerous studies have shown that cats with companions are happier and more active.

Pretty Litter

Most breeders recommend buying two Ragdoll kittens at the same. Having two kittens means your Ragdoll Cat will have a playmate to keep them company while you’re away at work, on vacation or out or simply running errands. If you are not around to spend time with your kitten all day, there is a chance that they may become lonely and stressed. ┬áSome breeders will offer a discount if you purchase two littermates at the same time, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Should I Get Two Ragdoll Cats?

Adding a second cat at a later date

Ragdoll cats are experts at getting along with other cats. You may choose to adopt one Ragdoll kitten and then decide to add a friend later, or just get two at once. Either way, these cats will quickly adjust to your lifestyle. There is also a chance that a lone kitten will bond with you more strongly.

If you later introduce a new Ragdoll kitten or any other cat breed, you should expect to go through an adjustment period of about one to two weeks. It is normal for kittens to hiss and growl when they first meet, but you should carefully monitor them to make sure that they are adjusting well. If the hissing gets too intense, give them a break from each other by letting them play in different rooms. They will be happily playing with each other in no time!

Should I Get Two Ragdoll Cats?

How do you know if your Ragdoll Cat is lonely?

If you think your cat could use a friend, there are some behavioral signs that you should watch out for. Cats offer a variety of responses when they are lonely, such as increased vocalizations and misdirected aggression. When your cat begins to act out, clawing furniture or being clingy with you, it’s time to consider the possibility that they are depressed. If your ragdoll cat is showing any of these signs, it might be in need of a companion.

Should I Get Two Ragdoll Cats?

Cons of Getting Two Ragdoll Cats

Getting two Ragdoll cats means more poop in the kitty litter box and double the costs for everything but definitely worth it because there’s more to love.

Final Thought

If you’re looking for a new pet and are ready for some double the love, then two Ragdoll kittens are the perfect choice. You’ll get double the entertainment watching them roll and tumble, groom each other, and sleep all wrapped up in each other. Unlike other kittens, two Ragdolls will generally play quietly together. Whether you want one, two, or three Ragdoll kitties in your life, you won’t want to miss the experience of having a Ragdoll cat.

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Written by Jennie @ Ragdoll Cats World

I'm Jennie, the creator of Ragdoll Cats World. I have been owned and loved by Ragdoll Cats for almost twenty years after getting my first Ragdoll kittens, Huey and Choo-Choo back in 2003. They lived to the grand old age of 18 and 17 and they even made the move from London to Australia with me! We now have two Ragdoll cats, Violet and Ocean, and a Maine Coon cat named Eddie, and we love sharing our knowledge of all things related to Ragdoll Cats with you at Ragdoll Cats World!
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