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    1 Reviews on “Briarshae Ragdolls”

    • Brooke Wilson
      11 months ago

      Adele Summers is everything you want in a breeder. She is kind, empathetic, and accommodating. I have 2 of her dolls and desperately want another, though my Financials are going to lead me to not get one at the moment which is super disappointing but I keep in great touch with her and I just love talking to her. She genuinely cares about each of her dolls and loves them throughout their lifetime. She’s truly someone you want to work with, and ethical in EVERY aspect. She’s a busy woman so it might take some time to answer emails/texts, but she ALWAYS gets back to you. I will not shop elsewhere. Both of my dolls are so cuddly, one is literally my child, and the other is my Tom boy (girl) that loves to secret cuddle at night. Both were raised well and have amazing personalities. She has kept in touch with me every step of the way and is always there when I need her. Adele, if you read this, know that I cherish you deeply as a part of my family <3

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