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    • Kathleen Nickeson
      1 year ago

      Ryan ToeniesJune 26, 2022 at 8:25 pm
      Arizona House of Rags
      Waddell, AZ
      United States

      Adopted: June 25, 2022

      My wife and I decided to adopt a kitty during the pandemic. We wanted to find a breed that would be loving, smart and become a true member of the family. We landed on a Ragdoll kitty. We searched for breeders in Arizona and found Kathleen from Arizona House of Rags. We were blown away by the number of positive reviews on her website. We made the decision on a Sunday evening and filled out the contact form on her website. She responded immediately which was a pleasant surprise. We put our deposit down and the waiting began. Kathleen was great during the process. She provided estimated timelines to help set our expectations. The wait was long due to everyone wanting a pet during the pandemic. Then we got our call – our kitty was born. Kathleen raises her kittens in a home with dogs and adult cats. The kittens get used to a wide open home which helps them learn good behaviors before they come to their new home. We were invited to her home to pick out our kitty at 6 weeks of age. We then waited until she was 13 weeks before she came home. Kathleen took many videos and pictures of our kitty so we could watch her grow. She was very responsive and answered any questions we had. This our first weekend with our new kitty. She’s is incredible. She’s well trained, playful and gives all sorts of love. We were blown away by our experience and would recommend Arizona House of Rags to anyone who wants a snuggly Ragdoll!


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