Find the Best Cat Proof Toilet Paper Holder

Best Cat Proof Toilet Paper holder

By Jennie @ Ragdoll Cats World

November 16, 2021

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Have you ever had to deal with a cat who likes to use toilet paper as its scratching post? It can be annoying when they shred the toilet paper and leave it all over the floor. And it’s not just expensive, it can be time-consuming picking it up. These are some helpful tips on how to stop your kitty from using the toilet paper holder as their new favorite scratching post.

With so many different styles of toilet paper holders, it can be hard to figure out which one is best for your specific needs. Here are some ideas for stylish cat proof toilet paper holders you can choose from that will meet all your needs and still be attractive in your home. These will keep the cats from attacking your toilet paper, while still providing you with everything you need in one spot

JOMOLA Pet Proof Toilet Paper Holder

The complete enclosed dispenser can protect toilet paper from water and also stop your pet from eating and shredding the toilet paper roll. Your days of picking up pet spit sodden toilet paper are over! Adhesive design, no drilling and damage to the wall. Install this tissue holder with no sweat. 

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02/19/2024 06:38 am GMT
yeavs Toilet Paper Holder with Phone Shelf and Waterproof Cover

This toilet paper roll holder with a shelf is not just a bathroom paper holder, but also a wall-mounted bath accessory with a storage shelf where you can place your mobile phone, air freshener or other small items and free your hands to do other things. The waterproof cover protects the paper roll from water splashing and pets from being able to access the tissue paper.

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02/19/2024 07:53 am GMT
Hanging Toilet Paper Holder

This Hanging Toilet Paper Holder Waterproof pet-proof Tissue Holder is made of high-quality WATERPROOF polyester fabric outside, durable and tear-resistant, padded with soft foam to keep its shape; Equipped with sturdy and smooth zipper, wide opening with a leather flap to keep your roll paper dry and clean while outdoor camping or bathroom.

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02/19/2024 12:39 am GMT
neko sippo monogatari Cat's Toilet Roll Paper Holder

This super cute toilet roll holder is not only cat-themed but cat proof!

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02/18/2024 01:34 pm GMT
LUANT Recessed Toilet Paper Holder

Stylish Cat-proof attractive toilet paper holder with beveled edges. Requires a recess wall clamp for installation

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02/18/2024 04:03 am GMT
Large Cat-proof Toilet Paper Dispenser

This sturdy toilet paper dispenser is cat-proof when the door is in the closed position. When the door is closed, there is also a small surface on the top that can be used to place small items temporarily. This version comes with a slightly larger cover that is designed to accommodate the use of larger "mega rolls" of toilet paper. When in the open position, there is a message on the door which states that it is not cat-proof when the door is open, as a friendly reminder to folks to close it after use.

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Toilet Paper Roll Cover

A must for any cat lover! This toilet paper protector saves your toilet paper from being shredded by your cats (or dogs). The cover features a rolled solid core with a cloth cover that is 18" long by 4.5" wide to cover even the largest toilet paper mega rolls. To apply, simply pull the protector open, catch the end on the roll and allow the cover to roll over the toilet paper creating a snug cover.

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Lasso Brag

If you don’t wish to invest in a cat-proof toilet paper holder then your only other option to stop your kitty shredding your toilet paper is to keep your bathroom door closed.

Why do Cats like Toilet Paper?

First, it could be because they’re curious and want to know what these strange materials are made of. Secondly, they may enjoy the feeling of shredding the paper or even scratching their claws on it. Lastly, some cats might just really like the smell of toilet paper or the cardboard insert! Toilet paper seems to be like catnip for cats!

Cats have an olfactory sense that is much stronger than humans. They use their noses to explore and mentally map out their environment. Rolling around in something unfamiliar can give them a new sensory experience that will keep them busy for hours, while also helping them mark the area as theirs. It also makes for a great toy!

Cat proof toilet paper holder

If you’ve found a way to keep your cat out of the toilet paper roll then let us know in the comments below

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Written by Jennie @ Ragdoll Cats World

I'm Jennie, the creator of Ragdoll Cats World. I have been owned and loved by Ragdoll Cats for almost twenty years after getting my first Ragdoll kittens, Huey and Choo-Choo back in 2003. They lived to the grand old age of 18 and 17 and they even made the move from London to Australia with me! We now have two Ragdoll cats, Violet and Ocean, and a Maine Coon cat named Eddie, and we love sharing our knowledge of all things related to Ragdoll Cats with you at Ragdoll Cats World!

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