Do Male Cats have Nipples?

Do Male Cats Have Nipples?

By Jennie @ Ragdoll Cats World

February 7, 2022

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A popular question that many people ask is whether male cats have nipples? The answer to this question is yes, male cats do have nipples. However, they are not functional and do not produce milk.


Why do male cats have nipples?

Female cats have nipples in order to produce milk to feed their kittens. The nipples on a male cat have no function.

All mammals have nipples that are developed before the sex of the fetus is determined. The nipples form early on in the womb, but when the chromosomes determine the gender of the fetus, the development of the male cat’s nipples stops. This is known as ‘vestigial structure’.

Tuft + Paw

In female kittens, the nipples are connected to the mammary gland. In male kittens, however, the presence of testosterone means they have small mammary glands and cannot produce milk.


What Does a Male Cat Nipple Look Like?

Male cat nipples look like small, round, pinkish spots on the cat’s chest. They can feel like a pimple or a small lump. The nipples can be difficult to see if the cat has a lot of fur, like the Ragdoll, and you might not even notice them if you are not looking for them.

Ragdoll Male Cat Nipple

Where are the nipples located on a male cat?

Male cats have nipples located on their stomach in two rows. They can be found from under the armpit down the hind legs.


How many nipples do male cats have?

Male cats typically have six to eight nipples on their body, appearing in even amounts in rows on each side of their chest. Some cats may have an odd number of nipples or even fewer nipples. This is nothing to be concerned about.


Can I determine a cat’s sex by looking at its nipples?

You cannot tell a feline’s sex simply by the appearance of the nipples. A female cat’s nipples will appear the same unless they are pregnant or lactating.


Can a Male Cat produce milk?

No, a male cat cannot produce milk. Even though male cats do have nipples and mammary glands, they can’t produce milk. Just like all other males of the mammal species.


How do I know if my cat has an infected nipple?

If your cat has an infected nipple, you will most likely notice that the nipple is swollen, red, and sore. The area around the nipple may also be inflamed. Breast cancer in male cats is extremely rare but can occur, therefore it important to get your cat checked by a veterinarian if you notice any abnormalities in the nipples.


In conclusion, male cats do have nipples, but they serve no purpose and do not produce milk. Have you checked your male cat’s nipples out? How many do they have? Let us know in the comments below!


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Written by Jennie @ Ragdoll Cats World

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