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We all know how much cats love to sleep. Why not make the experience just a little bit more enjoyable with our cat beds?

Cats like being elevated, so we have beds for that. Cats like sleeping in enclosed spaces, so we have tents for that. Cats like being able to look out the window at birds and squirrels, so we have hammocks for that. And cats like being warm, so we have heated mats for that.

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Tuft + Paw Puff Cat Bed

Structure and softness come together in the Puff, entirely shaped of contoured foam. The inner bowl is as firm and supportive as it is cozy and warm, with its rim serving as a headrest. The Puff works equally well as your cat’s primary bed or as a moveable napping spot for the floor or sofa. 

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Aviva Velvety Cat Bed Basket - Single Weave

Cats love nothing more than being in a cozy, warm spot--well, except for maybe canned tuna fish—and the Aviva Double is exactly what your cat is looking for ( your cat called us and told us ). Made with silky, velvety materials and the ability to customize it's shape, this bed is like sleeping in Prince’s bed if Prince was a cat. The knotted weave design also helps relax and massage your kitty. Go ahead, spoil your cat. You already do, don’t you?

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Villa Burrow Cat Bed

The burrow bed from majestic pet products is the perfect place for your feline friend to curl up for a nap in perfect comfort. The excess of faux suede material is made for your cat to burrow and nest itself inside the bed and the lush Sherpa interior will keep warmth locked in

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Sheba Modern Woven Cat Bed

The Sheba Modern Woven Cat Bed is a perfect spot for your cat to cuddle up and look amazing while they're at it! The hand-woven cotton rope design is tightly knit to ensure your cat gets coddled and feels secure. Its midnight blue tone infused with skittle-like colors throughout the rope makes this bed extraordinarily unique and beautiful. 

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Love's cabin 20in Cat Beds for Indoor Cats

Love's cabin cat and dog beds feature nest-like walls filled with high-loft down alternative. The raised rim creates a sense of security and provides head and neck support, Cat bed could let them feel the envelopment of love and warmth, offer a safe & cozy place for a cat or small dog to snooze.

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Black and White Cow Donut Cat Bed

The Black and White Cow Donut Cat Bed is a range-inspired, cowhide-patterned pet bed that’s both easy to decorate with and easy to clean. The middle of the bed features a removable pillow insert that makes your pet feel cradled and comforted, and the wide sides let them stretch out without feeling constricted.

Whether you use the Black and White Cow Donut Cat Bed on the floor by itself, in a crate or cage, or up on the couch to control shedding, your cat will love the way it feels. Made with machine-washable artificial faux cowhide and a removable center pillow, it can be used for comfort during car travel with or without a containment like a travel crate. 

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Heart Pet Bed for Cats

A wraparound heart newest design, deep walls provide warmth, comfort, and support. These features will help reduce anxiety in your pet by giving it a safe, comfortable place to sleep. Vacuum bag packaging to eliminate pollution and allergens. Washable and helps alleviate pressure points, forms to the cat or dog, is ideal for pets with arthritis or other ailments. Around is memory foam keeps its shape and will not flatten over time.

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Most Stylish Cat Bed
Stellar Cat Bed - Tuft + Paw

Humans appreciate the Stellar for its striking design. For cats, it’s simply an otherworldly escape from the everyday activity of the home. A semi-rigid, breathable sphere envelops a custom-fit faux fur blanket for total comfort and security. The large entrance allows for broad views, while the curved interior makes for close, cradled rest.

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K&H Mod Dream Pod Cat Bed

The Mod Dream Pod zips together to make one of the most unique cat beds on the market. The large size accommodates any size cat and the privacy will be appreciated by all cats. The large opening makes entry and exit a breeze. Includes a comfortable polyfil pillow.

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Villa Canopy Cat Bed

The canopy bed from majestic pet products is the perfect place for your feline friend to curl up for a nap in perfect comfort. The excess of faux suede material is made for your cat to burrow and nest itself inside the bed and the lush Sherpa interior will keep warmth locked in.

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Furhaven Fleece Cozy Cave

Super soft and oh-so-cute, Furhaven's Cozy Cave is the perfect hideaway with personality to spare! This comfy little spot will make your small pets feel safe and secure with its plush faux fur interior that is ideal for napping. Can't bear the thought of ever leaving it behind? The Cozy Cave unzips and packs flat, so you can take it wherever you go.

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Kitty City Large Cat Tunnel Bed

Zip-together combination play Tunnel and cozy cat nap spot in one The plush cat bed is comfortable enough for an all-day snooze and the circular Tunnel is perfect for a chase or cats who want to hide out of sight. There is also fun hanging toys for your feline friend to swat at.

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K·1 Cat Toy Balls, Indoor Cat Tunnel Tube Interactive 8 in 1 Bed Cave Condos

Transformable Design with Fun: Adorned with a set of robust buttons, you can secure the ball into a variety of different shapes, such as a fence, conch, or link two together into a tunnel. The ball shape can be tightened or loosened to accommodate various pets' sizes. The simple and elegant design will attract the cat to stay in, and it’s also decor for your home.

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K&H Mod Capsule Cat Bed & Carrier

Being a bed, playhouse and also a carrier makes the Mod Capsule a valuable product that any cat owner would love. It simply zips together for easy assembly. The mesh door is completely removable for use as a sleeper. Zip the door back on for use as a transport carrier for trips to and from the vet. Includes comfortable polyfill pillow.

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Spaceship Alpha Ultra Modern Cat Bed

One small step for cats, one giant leap for felines everywhere! The Spaceship Alpha Ultra Modern Cat Bed is a sleek new home for your pampered pets! 

Rigorous field testing and extensive design has resulted in an amazing pet bed that's as much a work of art as a comfortable lounge and sleep space for your cat or small dog. 

A true conversation piece, pet owners can enjoy an accessory that complements their decor rather than detracts from it! 

Its twin transparent acrylic lookouts on each end provide a comfortable, smooth, rounded sleep environment as well as a lookout for your cat or dog. Even better, the clear bubbles provide those on the "outside" a whimsical view of the Spaceship Alpha's occupant! 

The attractive wooden body contains four air holes, allowing for air circulation and reducing echoes in the interior of the surrounding space

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Deluxe Iggle Pet Bed
RRP $179.99

End table for you. Bed for your pet. The Iggle gives your cat or dog a hide-a-way that you are happy to display within your home.

The Iggle Deluxe is constructed of natural rattan, stained espresso. It is 25" in diameter, 20" high and contains a soft machine washable cushion perfect for a comfortable cat nap.

Deluxe model has beautiful MDF top and and bottom with wood grain design.

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Bedsure Cat Cube Kitty Bed Cat House Condo

Easy to Fold & Space Saving: Enclosed cat houses & condos, cat bed indoor can be assembled quickly and can be folded into a flat shape for easy storage and travel (16.5'' W x 16.5'' L x 14'' H). Cat cube includes 1 cube, 1 top cushion, and 1 fur fleece mat.

Durable Scratching Board: large cat hole bed, cat hideaway side is equipped with sisal cloth scratching board, which is strong and durable for cats to sharpen their claws. The thoughtful edging design of cat hideout makes the cat house indoor, cat bed cave looks more luxurious and delicate.

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Heated Thermo-Kitty Mat Reversible Cat Bed

Heated pet bed is thermostatically controlled to automatically respond to temperature changes to warm to your pet's normal body temperature only when your pet is in the bed. Heated cat pad uses only 6 watts and measures 12.5 X 25 inches. Indoor pet heating pad provides extra warmth for your pet anywhere in your home. Cat heating pad features removable heater and cover for easy wash and care

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Snuggle Safe Microwave Heat Pad

Snuggle Safe Microwave Heat Pad is great for heating pet beds. Up to 10 hours of long-lasting warmth! Your pets will love the warmth of Snuggle Safe Thermapool at home or traveling. Heat in microwave for only 5 minutes (*depending on power of microwave) and then pop it under your pet's bedding.

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Pet Cooling Mat

Stop your pet from suffering in the summer heat with a Cat Cooling Mat. The Pet Cooling Mat is made of three layers: a cool touch ice silk, high-quality cotton and a breathable mesh. It’s super comfort and soft design means it will be your pet’s new favorite spot to sit, lay or sleep. The cooling mat works by using cool fabrics to stay cool and contains no poisonous chemicals, polymers, glues, crystals or phase change materials.

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SmartyKat - Paw Perch Wooden Window Cat Perch

SmartyKat Paw Perch Cat Bed provides an ideal spot for your cat to watch their environment and sunbathe in comfort. The sleeping platform is wide enough for your cat to rest and perch securely. The cushy foam pad and durable sherpa cover cradles your cat and provides warmth. The easy install perch platform is reinforced by wooden brackets that brace the perch and prevent movement and slipping. The brackets come with foam padded feet for extra security, providing protection for your walls as well. Cats find it soothing to perch or rest in high places, and love to view what’s going on outside the window or inside the home from higher vantage points. Easily meet your cat’s need for security and privacy with our luxurious SmartyKat Paw Perch.

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Tuft + Paw Cloud 9 Window Hammock

An elevated window hammock that provides your cat with maximum comfort, designed to feel like their ultimate retreat. From long naps in the sun to observing both their indoor and outdoor surroundings, cats love lounging on this supportive window hammock. The smooth arch provides the perfect frame to your cat’s striking silhouette. The soft-yet-sturdy felt is comfortable to rest on and provides extraordinary grip for safe landings. Supporting up to 30 lbs of weight thanks to its powerful suction cups, the Cloud Nine gives you peace of mind knowing your cat can lounge safely.

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Kitty Cot Original World's Best Cat Perch

Mounts to Windows using Giant PATENTED USA Suction Cups. Humane Society Approved and Easy to Clean with Soap and Water. Made with Super Tough 3/4" PVC Plastic Pipe and Fittings. Made with the BEST Outdoor and Rugged Fabric. Our Support Cables are 1/8" Steel to last Forever

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PERSUPER Cat Hammock Bed
$12.99 ($22.79 / Pound)

Well Made Hammock Bed: Straps and clips are sturdy, and the straps are sewn securely with dual stitches design, newly designed clips have bigger openings for easy installation and better durability. Our pet hammock provides secure support for your lovely pet for a max weight of 20 pounds.

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Mau Lifestyle Horizon Wool Felt Cave Cat Bed

Mau Lifestyle Horizon Wool Felt Cave Cat Bed offers the purrfect hiding spot for your feline friend. It’s made with soft wool felt to help your furbaby feel comfy and secure. If your cat doesn’t want to hideout while plotting her next adventure, the cat cave can be easily flattened into a plush bed. Whichever your kitty prefers, this modern bed adds a stylish touch to any home.

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Round Donut Cat and Small Dog Cushion Bed

Our cat and dog bed is designed as a wraparound sofa with raised plush sides that provide comfortable support for pets' head, neck. The super soft lining reduces anxiety in your pet and creates a sense of security and warmth. The soft fabric and plush-filled insdie, quilted for extra padding, make it supportive yet super cozy for your furry friends. The good bottom grip material for no sliding keeps the cat&dog bed in place on tile and hardwood floors in the home.

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K&H Pet Products Thermo Mod Kitty Shelter Waterproof Outdoor Heated Cat House

The K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated Kitty House is a cozy and weather-resistant shelter designed to keep outdoor cats warm and comfortable. With a spacious interior and a heated floor, this shelter provides a safe retreat for feline friends in cold weather. The easy-to-assemble design and durable materials make it a practical choice for providing a secure outdoor living space for cats.

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