How to Get Rid of Fleas on a Ragdoll Cat

How to Get Rid of Fleas on a Ragdoll Cat

By Jennie @ Ragdoll Cats World

August 7, 2022

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If your ragdoll cat is constantly scratching, it may have fleas. Fleas are one of the most common pet problems.

Fleas are tiny, parasitic insects that can be found on the skin and fur of cats and other animals.

These little blood-sucking parasites can cause major discomfort for your pet. Fleas love to feed on warm-blooded animals and can cause a number of problems for cats, including skin irritation, hair loss, and infection. People who are allergic to flea bites may experience a rash, swelling, or other skin problems. Fleas can also transmit several dangerous pathogens, such as tapeworms, Sarcoptic mites and even bubonic plague. To get rid of fleas in a home, you need to employ various strategies that will target both adult and immature stages of the flea life cycle.

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Here’s our guide on how to get rid of fleas on a ragdoll cat.

How to Get Rid of Fleas on a Ragdoll Cat

How to tell if your Ragdoll cat has fleas?

Fleas are a common problem for cats and can be difficult to tell if your cat has them. Some signs that your cat may have fleas include:

  • excessive scratching
  • licking, and biting
  • hair loss
  • skin inflammation
  • black specks in the coat
  • tapeworms.

You can check for fleas by parting your Ragdoll’s hair and looking for tiny black bugs near the skin.

How to Get Rid of Fleas on a Ragdoll Cat

How to treat your Ragdoll Cat for Fleas?

The first step in getting rid of fleas on a cat is to identify the source of the infestation. Many products are available to treat fleas on cats, but it is important to select the right product and use it correctly. There are several common ways to get rid of fleas on a cat: topical treatments, oral treatments, environmental treatments, and shampoos. The best way to get rid of fleas is often a combination of these methods.

You will want to choose an approach that is safe for the cat, and that will kill all of the fleas. There are a few options available, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. It is important to consult with a veterinarian before using any commercial product to treat fleas on a cat, as some products may be harmful or even fatal if used incorrectly.


Commercial Flea Treatments

Topical Flea Treatments

Spot-on treatment products such as Frontline and Advantage, can rid your pet of fleas within 2-3 days. The flea treatment comes in a topical liquid form that is applied directly to the skin on the back of your pet’s neck. It works by attacking the nervous system of the flea, which eventually leads to its death. The treatment also helps to prevent new fleas from taking hold on your pet, and is effective against all life stages of the flea.

Advantage II Flea Prevention and Treatment for Large Cats
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Advantage II provides long-term, effective protection from fleas and ticks. It starts working within 12 hours and is waterproof after 24 hours. With its easy-to-apply, pre-measured application tubes, you can be confident that your cat will get the best possible protection and there’s no need for messy, messy powders. This product kills fleas in multiple life stages including eggs, larvae and adults to break the cycle of the flea life cycle.

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Oral Flea Treatment

Oral flea treatments are generally very safe and effective and are a great option for cats who are resistant to topical treatments. The medication is ingested by the cat and travels through their bloodstream to the fleas. Once it reaches the fleas, it interferes with their ability to breathe, which eventually kills them.

PetArmor CAPACTION Oral Flea Treatment for Cats
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Flea Shampoo

While there are a number of different treatments available for fleas, one of the most popular is using shampoo to get rid of them. Shampoo-based flea treatments work by killing the fleas on your cat’s skin and in their fur. They usually contain insecticides such as permethrin or pyrethrins, which are effective at killing fleas. This approach is relatively quick and easy, but it can be harmful to the cat if used too often

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Flea Collar

Flea collars for cats are a popular way to control fleas. They work by releasing a chemical that kills fleas. The collar is placed around the cat’s neck and it works for about eight months. It is important to read the instructions carefully to make sure you are using the collar correctly. Flea collars are not as effective as other forms of flea control, such as spot-on treatments or oral medications, but they are a cheap and easy way to keep your cat free of fleas.

Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cats

Seresto® is a revolutionary, 8-month flea and tick collar for cats. It provides continuous protection against fleas and ticks without the need for monthly applications. Seresto is so efficient, it starts to repel and kill fleas within 24 hours of initial application. So you can spend less time worrying about getting your cat back from the vet, and more time on the important things in life.

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Flea Powder

Flea powder is a type of pesticide that is used to kill fleas. The active ingredient in flea powder is usually pyrethrin, a natural insecticide that comes from the chrysanthemum flower. Flea powder works by coating the fleas with the insecticide, which eventually kills them. It’s important to note that flea powder is not a 100% effective way to get rid of fleas, so you may still need to use other methods such as a flea collar or spot-on treatment.


Natural Flea Treatments

Traditional methods of flea control, such as topical treatments or sprays, often contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to pets and people. There are also ways to get rid of fleas naturally. More common methods include rubbing olive oil or coconut oil on to your pet’s skin. Working from the head to the tail, the olive oil drowns the fleas. Of course, this method can prove to be expensive for larger animals. A similar method uses baby powder or talcum powder.

Another popular remedy is to mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a cup of water, and then pour this mixture over the cat’s fur. Tea tree oil can also be effective in repelling fleas. It is important to use a quality oil, and to make sure that it is diluted correctly before applying it to the cat’s fur.

Dawn dish soap is a natural alternative that can be used to get rid of fleas. It is safe for pets and people, however, it is not the most effective method of killing fleas and it won’t prevent flea infestations.

If your Ragdoll cat is happy for you to groom them, then a flea comb can be used to remove the fleas manually. A Flea comb is a stainless steel comb that provides a simple, easy and chemical-free way to remove fleas from your pet’s fur.

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How to get rid of fleas in your home?

Fleas are small, blood-sucking creatures that can cause a great deal of discomfort. Not only do they make you itchy, but they can also carry diseases. If you have fleas in your home, there are several things you can do to get rid of them.

Get your cat treated for fleas as soon as possible

If left untreated, the fleas will spread quickly and become a real problem.

Vacuum your home regularly

Once you have vacuumed, empty the receptacle into a bag, seal it and take it out of your house.

Keep your floors and furniture clean

If feasible try to steam clean your furniture and carpets using the hottest water possible. Make sure you wash all of the bedding, throw blankets, pillow covers etc.

Wash your pet’s bedding regularly

Pay close attention to the areas in your house in which your pet sleeps or passes his day. These areas will, most definitely, have fleas. Vacuum every surface your pet may have come into contact with.

Use a flea bomb or fogger

Flea bombs and foggers are two different types of insecticides that can be used to get rid of fleas in your home. Flea bombs, also known as total release aerosols, work by releasing a large amount of insecticide into the air all at once. Foggers, or room sprays, release a smaller amount of insecticide over a longer period of time. Both types of insecticides can be effective in getting rid of fleas, but they have their own pros and cons.


How can you prevent your Ragdoll cat from getting fleas in the first place?

Fleas can be a problem for both indoor and outdoor cats, and can cause serious health problems. The first steps involve ridding your pet of fleas. The next steps involve ridding your pet’s environment of fleas. If you do not get rid of fleas in your home, your pet will quickly get re-infested. Once you have gotten rid of fleas on your pet and cleaned your home of fleas, you should take some preventative steps. These last steps will minimize your pet’s chances of getting fleas in the future.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to help prevent your cat from getting fleas, including:

1. Keep your cat indoors as much as possible. This will help keep them away from other animals that may be carrying fleas.

2. Use a good quality flea control product on your cat regularly. There are many different types of flea control products available, so ask your veterinarian for advice on which one is best for your cat.

3. Wash your cat’s bedding and toys regularly to help kill any fleas or eggs that may be present.

4 Vacuum your house regularly.


In conclusion, there are a few things that you can do to get rid of fleas on your ragdoll cat. You can try a flea comb, a topical treatment, or a natural treatment. If these methods don’t work, you may need to take your cat to the veterinarian for more help.

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Written by Jennie @ Ragdoll Cats World

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